Arturo Alonzo, Iraq Veteran and small business owner running to represent the hardworking people of the Rio Grande Valley as your next State Representative for Texas House District 37.

After spending the last six years winning real victories for hard-working people from passing one of the largest and legalizing marijuana in California, electing the first Mexican-American in the U.S. Senate, raising the minimum-wage to $8.50 in Arkansas, helping unemployed veterans find employment Webb County, and working for two of Texas greatest legislatures, Trey Martinez-Fischer and Sylvester Turner, Arturo decided invest in the Rio Grande Valley and start Brasidas Strategies, a data analytics firm focused in helping small-businesses grow through detailed targeting, science, and grassroots relationship-building.

With 643 families (1.3%) more than the bottom 44,600 households (90.9%) in our district, 47% our people working less than 36 hours per week, 46% without health coverage or insurance, 43.1% of all heads of household are single-women, and 41.5% living in abject poverty making less than $13,000 per year, Arturo decided to take action and lead the fight against big corporations and corrupt politicians who have done nothing but enrich themselves in the backs of our local taxpayers, make our economy weaker, and made our district the poorest in the country.

For Arturo, the issues affecting his loved ones and all Texans are real and should not be condensed into empty campaign promises our cheap talking points. Growing up in Section 8 housing, the son of Mexican immigrants who worked hard and could not make ends meet, and seeing a generation of my close friends and family torn apart by unemployed mass debt, mental depression, poor wages, and suicide, the time to act is now.


We are not making any campaign promise!  But will say this ‘no one will outwork us’, if we raise $60,000, knock on over 200,000 doors, and work tirelessly before and after March 6th we will  we have the political muscle, locally and in Austin, to end corruption, fight poverty, and make a stronger and more inclusive South Texas a reality.

Winning won’t be easy, for we strongly believe this election will truly test the moral fabric of our people and progressives all across our region and country.

This is a battle between David versus Goliath. The people versus big corporations and special interest and a veteran fighting for change while a career politician clings to power. Whoever wins this election will determine the course of the Rio Grande Valley and the future of Texas politics, for the key of flipping Texas starts and ends in the Rio Grande Valley.

With Rene Oliveira and the political elite being in control of the Democratic Party and the Rio Grande Valley for over 50 years, they have do nothing but make South Texas, a region with the hardest working people, the poorest in the country.

The hardest difficulty for us (Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley) is that we are fighting a three front war; to the North, a Republican Party who has forgotten about God and Democratic Party who has forgotten about the poor; and back home to the South, an established oligarchy who has done nothing but enrich themselves in the name of “economic development”, pitching to the outside world “our labor is cheap” and “our people need jobs” while giving million dollar tax cuts to big corporations who have killed our small-business, destroyed the institution of family, the potential of my generation to build a South Texas middle-class, and made our workers and families peasants who are paid meager wages and worry all day  ‘con el Jesus en la boca’ how they are going to make ends meet, praying to God for health and a better way of life every single day.

They have abused the kindness and the generosity  of our people. Who are the first to help someone in need, prison, or sickness. 

How can you expect the politicians who have never worked with their hands; all attorney from the same high school; who have acquired so much wealth, through inter-class marriage, corruption, and stinginess, that they and the 1.3% make more than the bottom 90.9% of all combined households in our district ever understand what it is to lose it all because of your a father’s cancer or mother’s illness, suffer because your son or daughter are dealing with addiction and are in and out of jail, or say sacrifice your dreams and future to put the needs of your family first. 

This is why we are running a one-hundred percent grassroots campaign, taking zero dollars from Super PACs and special interest groups, using zero politiqueros, and capping our selves to only spending $60,000, serving 6 years, and donating all of my state salary to a minority owned business, so that we are able accomplish two goals: 

  1. Build the foundation for true long-term growth and capital in the Rio Grande Valley
  2. Prove that the only thing you need to run and win in South Texas is a good heart, the ability to raise money, knock on doors, and bring people together, and that you don’t need to be rich, a puppet, or follow on the same path of corruption and compadrismo to have the privilege of serving your community and affecting real change for working and middle-class families”.

Join us! Chip in $13. Volunteer. Win.

A stronger Texas starts with you! #juntos


Arturo is a proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, a graduate from from Texas A&M International University with two degrees in Political Science and English with a concentration in (Historical & Political Thought), Board Director with Texas Victory Project, Founder and Director of Research at Brasidas Strategies, and a Brownsville native who enjoys carne asadas with friends and family, following the Straussian tradition of reading the Great Books, and watching the Minnesota Vikings and San Antonio spurs play in his spare time.

Arturo attends Iglesia Bautista Casa de Oracion plans to obtain his PhD in Political Philosophy in the near future. For now, his biggest priorities are winning real victories for working and middle-class families and empowering the next generation of Latinos leaders in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Arturo is the son of two Mexican immigrants with a younger sibling who is studying German and International Relations at Southwestern University. His father Martin, was a Baptist Minister and attorney, from San Pedro, Coahuila who spend over 30 years protecting the land rights of small farmers and reforming Mexico’s electoral and judicial process from corruption and fraud. In 2008 his father passed away from colon cancer, while in Basic Training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Arturo’s mother Sandra, a native form Matamoros, Tamaulipas is a Bible School teacher and a LVN assisting low-income seniors in Brownsville, Texas.

Alonzo for Texas | Stronger Juntos!

 From a Sharp Elementary Scholar from Morningside Park  to a successful Army Veteran and Small-Business Owner with over 13 progressive victories under his belt. 

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