This is Ovèr Garcia, Dreamer, UTRGV Senior, and Campaign Manager for the Alonzo for Texas Campaign.

As a DACA recipient and spending the last three years in the Valley I’ve personally seen the constant fear in the eyes of our immigrant brothers and sisters, experienced firsthand discrimination, and seen a generation of my friends unemployed and collect mass college debt, and an economy that has been built since the Reagan Era to make it 10x harder for people of color to reach their highest potential.

For too long I have been afraid of telling people my immigration status and for too long I’ve sat on the sidelines and seen petty Republicans destroy the state and the country I love and the only one I call home.

With cuts in CHIP, 46% of our community in the Rio Grande Valley without any health insurance, and Republicans in Austin passing one of the most hateful and racist bills with SB-4, and the massive defunding of our public schools and colonias it is time we rise, organize, and take ownership of our community and lives.

I’m cutting back my college class to only 4 this semester so I can work full-time in building this campaign from the ground up  and counting on you to helps make a stronger RGV and reality!

Join us and help us knock on the 200,000 doors and raise the $60,000 we need to win to fight corruption and send a Latino to Austin who is not afraid of representing nuestra gente and who has the experience and energy needed to get thing done and ensure we have a government that works for us all not just the selective few.  .

Meet Ovèr!

Ovèr Garcia is a Mexican-American Dreamer, Xicano Activist, and a double major in Political Science and Chicano Studies at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.

Over was born in rural Tamaulipas and moved to the Houston, Texas at the age of two when his family migrated to the United States in attempt to provide a better way of life for their children and escape the poverty and violence caused by the Drug Cartel’s and the War on Drugs.

At a very young age Ovèr understood the value of dollar and the importance of education. Working twelve-hour shifts as a farm worker at the age of six across the Mid-West, Over saw his parents and fellow paisanos work double and break their backs to put food in the table and to buy their children good clothes so that they will be treated with respect and the dignity they deserved; but most importantly, provide them with all the school supplies they needed to ensure they had no excuses for bad grades and the opportunity to obtain the highest level of education and reach their highest potential.

As the son of immigrants and experiencing the exploitation of his family and fellow farmers by employers who failed to pay overtime and comply with state and federal employment and labor law, Over made a commitment and a promise to his family he will graduate college, earn a law degree form UT-Austin, and defend immigrants and workers from wage theft and poor working condition so that every Texan regardless of a person immigration status is treated with respect and that no one have to experience the hardships of not getting paid and not being able to cover the basics necessities of life.