Mr. Gutierrez (left) and Vicente Alonzo for Texas Field Organizer (right) talking about Brownsville, Corruption, and the future of South Texas politics.

“Vicente, I proud young man to see young energized Latinos like yourself, Mr. Alonzo,  and all those outside going out there, door to door, and fighting for us- the poor, the worker, y el inmigrante.I left Mexico back in the late 80’s because to be honest mijo there was no opportunity on the other side of the Rio Bravo, especially if you came from a barrio como el mio, y aqui en los United States, it was booming.

I mean downtown Brownsville right across the bridge was a beehive. People moving fast. People smiling. People trading. Everyone had a brand new car and the colors Vicente, were beautiful. Bright yellows, reds,  and every shade of blue, and every shade of green you can think off. 

Mijo, it was a beautiful sight to see! So much energy. So much happiness y me acuerdo…so much hope.

Right now. It’s not the same. We have nothing but low paying jobs y puro part-time that only pay $8 to $10 dollar per hour. I got laid off a while back and I have always been a working man.

South Brownsville, outside Mr. Gutierrez home.

Sabes? Desde chiquito I had always worked and now in my late 50’s no one wants to hire me. It’s been already a little over a year y nada.

I see nothing but corruption here in Brownsville  with a local politicians.

I remember back in 2011 Rene Oliveira got charged with corruption and it was the same time, si me acuerdo bien que vino un guero, an FBI Agent, a limpiar casa.


“There is, for example, the recording played Friday in federal court of a conversation in 2008 between Limas and State Rep. Rene Oliveira. As heard in court, Oliveira told Limas that his firm was in a bind, that he was caught with his “pants down” to his knees. “Man, I need I need a big, big favor,” Oliveira told Limas. “We f—-d up on a case,” Oliveira told Limas, who served as judge of the 404th district from 2001 through the end of 2008”- Emma Perez-Trevino (Brownsville Herald | 2012)

There was a huge case $13 million mijo in corruptions, extortion, and everyone was involved the County Judge, el Mayor, este no este es bueno, el otro y el Senator.

It was bad. So bad Vicente, que hasta uno,  un tal Ray Marchan, jumped off the South Padre Island Bridge.

I just don’t understand why this guys are not in jail. Honestly, we have the hardest working people and we live in the poorest district in the country? I mean we work. And work. And work

Paque? Wages been the same for the past ten to fifteen years and everything is more expensive. Gas, more expensive. Food, more expensive. Light, uhhhh. No! No! No! No! No! Don’t even get me started with the light bill…. pero chingado it’s $100-$200 facil.

And now, I don’t even have healthcare mijo.  I’m scared because the little saving I got are going away, and I need to find work and get things going quick.

Arturo Alonzo answering Dr. Berg’s question, “You have a 14 point in your platform Mr. Alonzo. I like all everything you said, but how are you going to accomplished”. “Simple, I’m not going to accomplished them, you are. Look, I’m going to give 110% and I need you to match me and help me build a stronger South Texas together. Fixing in the poorest city in the country can’t be done by one State Representative in Austin. It’s going to take you, myself, and hundreds of others to run for office, vote, go with me in Austin and help me pass every single bill. In return? I will be here helping you and our district creating the committees needed to execute every line item in our policy platform. The question now is, are you willing to put in the work and help me and our district grow”- Arturo Alonzo (Combat Veteran for TX’s 37th)

This is why and voting for Arturo Alonzo. Mira Vicente! Este es bueno gallo.

Quien, tell me mijo? Is running right now, who is knocking on doors, taking no money of the big corporations ni de LNG y de nadie, and actually has a plan. Mira! Healthcare, he has plan. Step by step. Jobs, he has plan. Step by step. Ending Corruption and investing in the yout, he has plan. Step by step.

Thank you, and I know que el Alex is also running pero he is politician. El Alonzo y tu mijo, I can see are honest y nobles, and what I like about Arturo he has plan and is he is the first candidate de todos who is telling us “Hey! You want the change. Earn it”.

That right there Vicente are words spoken like los hombres de antes y no de politicos who only tell you pretty little things that you want hear and the end of the day don’t do anything but enrich themselves in the back of hard working South Texans como yo.

Wait here. Let me give you los $3 dollars and count on me in voting, making calls, y todo lo que se necesite mijo because if we don’t get things going soon aqui en este pueblito, nunca va pasar nada!– Juan G. (Voter, Texas House District 37)

Writer, Vicente Martinez (Field Organizer, Alonzo for Texas)

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