I have gone to war and swore at October 2007 to protect you, our constitution, and every enemy, foreign or domestic.

In 2009, I saw firsthand a terrorist murder 13 of my fellow soldiers in Fort Hood, on January 17, in 2018 a soldier I loved deeply was murdered by a thug and a convicted felon who was able to purchase a handgun at a Gun Show in Robstown, Texas and shoot point-blank a father who was simply protecting his daughter, and few days ago we saw history repeat itself.

A mother buries her daughter, a coward politician kisses the hand who feeds him, a teacher is asked to carry, a terrorist buys a gun, a Legislature cuts mental health programs, a coach gets two to the chest and one to the head, a Snapchat goes viral, a dad blames the children and modernity, a Christian prays, the media counts to 4 and then forgets, Wayne LaPierre sends an email and raises one million, liberals inflate the number of mass shootings, Facebook Activists chips in their two cents, a father visits the grave of his son who was killed in Sandy Hook, a million promises are made, another year goes by with the American people left with nothing, and the NRA spends another $6 million in buying off Democrats and Republicans.

It’s time we say enough is enough tell “the NRA, Coward Politicians, Democrats and Republicans, and Legislature in Austin and D.C., if you don’t have the courage to act we will”.

We don’t have the luxury of shedding another tear, losing another brother, and lowering the casket of another son.

-Arturo Alonzo
Combat Veteran running to represent you and the hardworking people of Texas in Austin as your next State Representative for Texas House District 37.


Let’s send Alonzo to Austin and ensure we protect Texas children and build a Texas House of Representatives who works for you and not the interest of the NRA and the selective few.

100% grassroots, zero money from Super PAC, and 100% committed to fight for you.

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