Texas Victory Project was founded in 2017 to tackle the greatest problems facing working and middle-class families in South Texas. With 1.3% families having more accumulated wealth than the bottom 90.9% of all households; career politicians who do nothing but enrich themselves on the backs of the working poor; a media that fails to educate the public, check corrupt politicians, and voice the needs and concerns of minorities and Latinos; poor public schools and wages; 46% of all of our families without health coverage, an uncompassionate court; massive cuts in programs that serve our veterans, colonias, seniors, and children with disabilities; and a vast amount of poverty in rural, urban, and the Rio Grande Valley we are determined to lead the fight for working families and invest in building the long-term grassroots infrastructure that will:

  • Build the first bilingual multimedia digital platform that will educate, engage, tell the stories, struggles, and needs of the people of South Texas in English and Spanish
  • Recruit, train, empower, and mobilize hundreds of volunteers across our state and bring back a sense of community, pride, and civic engagement to our neighborhoods and win real victories for the working poor
  • Increase turnout in low-income Latino voters
  • Invest in local leadership development and inspire the generation of Latinos who will shape regional and Texas politics build the future jobs of tomorrow, end corruption, and build a government and economy in the Lone Star State works for all of us and not just the selective few

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We’re building Texas Victory Project from the ground up with the love and support of hardworking people. In just one year, we have build a coalition that has knocked on over 250,000 thousand doors, registered over 5,000 Latinos, increased turnout by 9.8% in low propensity Latino voters, trained over 420 volunteer, completed over 300 voter deputization trainings, filled over 40 vacant precinct chairs, ran four progressive candidates (ousting a 20 year mayor and corrupt city councilman and losing two races in Converse and Brownsville, Texas), fought lower water rates for African-American and Latinos in Bexar County, and successfully reached a little over 1.3 million Texans in social media averaging 110,838 every 28 days on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All this has been possible with tremendous sacrifice from our staff, volunteers, and over 3,000 small dollar donors who have invested their time, savings, and hourly wage to build an organization that represents the values of our people and we can proudly call our own.

After countless of hours talking to working and middle-class families about the most important issues facing them and their families, analyzing and studying the data back from the field, and seeing politicians, both parties, and the media lacking the urgency of addressing the issues, telling the stories, and/or fixing them we have decided to invest all of our resources in raising the $30,000 we need in the next two months to build the media outlet, hire additional staff, and have the logistical support needed fully develop all four departments of Texas Victory Project; grassroots, digital, fundraising, and political, and ensure we increase both our quantitative and qualitative production that will allow us make historic year and win real victories for working families before and long after November 6th, 2018.

It’s time we take our organization to the next level and ensure we have the financial muscle needed to exceed our metrics and do the work our community is counting on us to do, and humbly ask if we can count on you to chip in $3, 25, $50, $100, or more and help us meet our first digital fundraising deadline of $3,750 before April 23rd and help us raise the total of $10,000 we need upcoming two months to make our bilingual digital a reality.

Let’s build the first bilingual multimedia digital platform for South Texas Latinos and help educate and empower our community today.

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