Higher Wages for Working People

Stand with Arturo and the hardworking people of Rio Grande Valley and help us make a stronger and more inclusive reality by (1) committing to vote in the November 6th Elections, (2) becoming a #RGVLegCaptain in the 2019 Legislative Session, and (3) becoming a sustaining member and helping us build the grassroots and political capital our community deserves today.  

Our Commitment

  • Raise the minimum-wage to $10.10 per hour before 2020 and $12.25 before 2024.
  • Establish a statewide law enforcement minimum-wage of $27 dollar per hour by 2022 and ensure county and city governments in South and Rural Texas retain good peace office and save taxpayer dollars.
  • Establish a statewide teaching salary of $60,000 per year for all public school teachers and reduce the student loan forgiveness program from 10 to 3 years for all Texans who complete three years of public service.
  • Create a district-wide minimum-salary of $21,100 per year for all janitors, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers.
  • Protect the pensions of hardworking Texans who gave us the best 20-40 years of their lives and mandate direct state oversight of all local municipalities with a pension deficit — including, but not limited to the city of Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio who combined, have a pension deficit of over $22.6 billion dollars.
  • Establish a mandatory minimum of 20 years life in the State of Texas for any employer found guilty of wage theft regardless of a Texan’s immigration status.