From a Sharp Elementary Scholar from Morningside to a combat veteran and successful businessman fighting for you and the hard-working people of the Rio Grande Valley. 

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Arturo Alonzo is an Iraq War Veteran, political operative, and small business owner who proudly ran to represent the hard-working people of South Texas as their next State Representative for Texas House District 37.

Arturo has spent the last seven years winning real victories for working and middle-class families form passing the largest criminal justice reform in the country with Prop 64 and the decriminalization of marijuana in California, electing the first Mexican-American in the United Senate, raising the minimum-wage of Arkansas, working for two of Texas greatest legislators — Rep Trey Martinez-Fischer and Rep. Sylvester Turner (who together protected over $3.9 billion dollar from being slashed by fiscally irresponsible Republicans in the 2013 legislative cycle) — and helping pass one of South Texas first “Veteran First Hiring Programs” in Webb County that has allowed for over 30 Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans to be hired as police officers since its implementation in 2012.

After the 2016 election cycle, six years of serving our country in the United States Army, and working as political operative for progressive candidates and issues Arturo decided to invest in the Rio Grande Valley and start Brasidas Strategies (a data analytics firm focused in helping small-business grow and have a fighting chance) and Texas Victory Project (a non-profit focused in building the political capital our community deserves).

The harsh reality of our district:

  • 643 families (1.3%) have (1) more cumulative wealth and (2) make more money per year than the bottom 44,600 households who make up 90.9% of the total population
  • 47% of our people work less than 36 hours per week
  • 46% lack health insurance
  • 43.1% of all heads-of-households are women
  • 41.5% live in poverty making $13,000 or less
  • 89% hike in HIV/AIDS and STDs in males 13-24 and 55 (+)
  • Have the highest mortality-rate in the country for cervical cancer (over 30%)

For Arturo, the issues affecting his loved ones and all Texans are real and should not be condensed into empty campaign promises our cheap talking points. Growing up in Section 8 housing, being the son of Mexican immigrants who worked hard and could not make ends meet, and seeing a generation of his close friend and family torn apart by unemployment, mass debt, mental health issues, poor and stagnant wages, and suicide, Arturo understands the time to act is now.