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Higher Wages for Working People

  1. Raise the minimum-wage to $10.10 per hour before 2020 and $12.25 before 2024
  2. Establish a statewide law enforcement minimum wage of $25 per hour by 2022
    • Ensure county and city governments in South Texas retain good peace officers
    • Better use local tax dollars
  3. Establish a statewide salary of $60,000 per year for all public school teachers
    • Create a loan forgiveness program for all Texans who complete three years of public service
  4. Establish a district-wide salary of $21,100 per year for all janitors, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers
    • Increase the total union membership of all support staff in the three school districts of Texas House District 37 to over 80% before 2022.
  5. Protect the pensions of hardworking Texans who gave us the best 20-40 years of their life
    • Mandate direct state oversight of all local municipalities with a pension deficit including but not limited to the city of Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio who combined have a pension deficit of over $22.6 billion dollars,
    • fix our pension problem next legislative cycle by working with policy experts, union representatives, and local elected officials
    • Create the barriers, checks, and best practices needed for a long-term solution for our state’s billion dollar pension deficit.
  6. Establish a mandatory minimum of 20 years life in the State of Texas for any employer found guilty of wage theft regardless of a Texan’s immigration status.

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True Economic Growth and Modernizing the Rio Grande Valley

  1. Protect and promote small-businesses
    • Ensure government contracts and grants are issued out to locally owned and operated businesses
    • Create the first regional franchise to begin the process of making the Rio Grande Valley a true economic powerhouse by exporting our businesses
    • Stop the cycle of corrupt career politicians bringing in big corporations that enrich themselves in the back of our local taxpayers, and which then give big campaign contributions to the politicians
  2. Work with the local businesses leaders, the private sector, and local non-profits to establish a district-wide high speed Wi-Fi cloud
    • Allow for our people to thrive in the growing tech and e-commerce industries
  3. Increase the number of veteran minority owned businesses in the Rio Grande Valley


Criminal Justice Reform for the People

  1. Lead the effort in the legalization of marijuana in Texas by 2020
    • Begin by decriminalizing marijuana and pardoning all nonviolent marijuana offenders
    • Ensure Blacks and Latinos can empower themselves and capitalize in one of the marijuana industry
  2. End the War on Drugs that has disproportionately targeted and incarcerated Black and Latinos that has caused a 500% increase in our inmate population since the 1970s
  3. Reign in the hyper-militarized border and the fiscal irresponsibility of our state legislature who spends $3,087,899,321 per year sending our family members to prison and has placed profits over our children’s future- spending more per inmate that we do per pupil.
  4. Fight the for-profit-prison-industrial-complex and its $7.4 billion dollar lobby

Building Healthy Communities

  1. Work with the business sector and the Rio Grande Valley House Delegation and establish a Hidalgo-Cameron Regional Hospital District
    • Create thousands of good paying jobs
    • Provide healthcare to South Texans
    • Increase funding for medical research, technology, and postgraduate programs,
    • Retain local talent and increase our tax base
    • End historical corruption and waste of federal and state funds by creating a Regional Board of Director and a more transparent and centralized body
    • Reduce Texas House District 37 and the Rio Grande Valley’s uninsured rate from 46.8% to 0.00% by 2024
  2. Expand medicaid coverage to hardworking Texas families.
  3. Establishing two regional community centers for abused women, immigrants, and our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters
    • Help the vulnerable escape prostitution, rape, abuse, and neglect
    • Create safe spaces where they can learn a skill, receive treatment, and gain  peace of mind and independence
  4. Establish two regional veteran outreach mobile-clinics
    • Cut through red-tape and do the job our state and federal government have failed to do by providing no cost, quick service, and high quality medical service to any veteran regardless of discharge, age, or illness
  5. Provide free access to birth control and PrEP to all Hidalgo and Cameron County residents making less than $120,000 per year
    • Ensure an active and well organized citizenry and bringing back a sense of community and civic engagement to the Rio Grande Valley
    • Birth control and PrEP will be provided free of charge as long as our constituents can raise 20% of the total yearly cost every two years


Protecting Our Environment

  1. Establish a regional environmental committee run by local constituents and environmental policy experts who will work together with non-profits, local businesses, and the private sector
  2. Stop LNG coming to Texas House District 37
  3. Increase investment in renewable energy research and innovation programs within our district
  4. Build the partnerships needed between national and local scientist and entrepreneurs to draft and execute an energy plan that will make our district 100% powered by renewable energy before 2025

Educating the Next Generation

  1. Create a direct pipeline of success and ensure our children take ownership of their lives, have the skills and the mindset needed to compete, succeeded, and become the winners [not losers] in a 21st century fast paced globalized world and economy by:
  2. Establish partnerships with successful local business owners, healthcare experts, the Port of Brownsville, UTRGV, unions, technology and e-commerce gurus, and trade schools
  3. Help our young adults choose a 3 year program that will guarantee them the opportunity to gain a skill, start a business, leave their home, start paying rent and learn the true value of a dollar, and gain full-time employment by their junior year of high school.
  4. For students pursuing higher education we will establish an intensive 10 month college prep program
    • Provide a strong liberal arts foundation and writing intensive courses,
    • Help each student obtain a 1500-1590 SAT score, and a minimum of $40,000 in scholarships,
    • Ensure they are college ready and able to compete with any student in a Tier 1 or Ivy League University
    • Create a small teacher to student ratio of 1:15 to give our students more attention and to ensure deadlines are met, application completed, and each student is set for success
    • Put school districts in charge of tracking students and reporting back the total  retention and bachelor completion of all students in Texas House District 37. 
  5. Establish statewide universal pre-k for all children regardless child’s social and economic status by 2022

    • Currently, only 5.9% of all children in Texas House District 37 have access to early child education and pre-k programs
  6. Mandate full bilingual education in Texas House District 37 from pre-k to 11th grade to ensure every child and adult in our district is proficient and has mastered both English and Spanish.
  7. Work on a transitional statewide model that gives teachers more liberty and flexibility to teach while removing the budgetary waste of statewide standardized testing in the state of Texas.
  8. Ensure 100% funding for children in Texas with a disability and work with the Rio Grande Valley House Delegation in Congress to reform our tax codes that has placed many families in despair having to choose between keeping their job or losing their child’s government assistance.

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Ending Corruption, Campaign Finance Reform, and Voting Rights 

  1. 100% grassroots campaign
  2. Zero dollars from Super PACs or Special Interest Groups
  3. Zero politiqueros
  4. Capping the total dollars raised and expenditures to $60,000
  5. Only serving for six years to ensure we give keep a vibrant and healthy democracy and build the long-term progressive infrastructure needed in Texas House District 37 and produce the future Latino leaders who will shape the future of the Rio Grande Valley and Texas politics; for the key of flipping Texas starts and ends in South Texas.
  6. Increase the number of Latinas in office in Texas House District 37 from 16% to 40% before 2024
  7. Establish a statewide mandatory minimum of 20 to life without parole in prison to any elected official found guilty of corruption before 2022
  8. Establish a statewide mandatory minimum of 20 to life without parole in prison to any elected official found guilty of intentionally gerrymandering a district that will strip Latinos from equal representation in Congress, the Texas Senate, or Texas House of Representatives before 2022
  9. Statewide Automatic Voter Registration in Texas before 2022 and Mail-In-Ballot program that will ensure every Texan is registered, receives a Voter’s Guide and Mail-Ballot two weeks before Early Vote begins, and has all the resources needed to cast an educated and well-informed vote.

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