Our Story

Arturo Alonzo, Iraq Veteran and small business owner running to represent the hardworking people of the Rio Grande Valley as your next State Representative for Texas House District 37.

After spending the last six years winning real victories for hard-working people from passing one of the largest and legalizing marijuana in California, electing the first Mexican-American in the U.S. Senate, raising the minimum-wage to $8.50 in Arkansas, helping unemployed veterans find employment Webb County, and working for two of Texas greatest legislatures, Trey Martinez-Fischer and Sylvester Turner, Arturo decided invest in the Rio Grande Valley and start Brasidas Strategies, a data analytics firm focused in helping small-businesses grow through detailed targeting, science, and grassroots relationship-building.

With 643 families (1.3%) more than the bottom 44,600 households (90.9%) in our district, 47% our people working less than 36 hours per week, 46% without health coverage or insurance, 43.1% of all heads of household are single-women, and 41.5% living in abject poverty making less than $13,000 per year, Arturo is committed to being the progressive our community needs and is taking head on a thirty-two year incumbent and the highest ranking member of the Texas House of Representatives who has done nothing but enrich himself and his compadres by taking in millions from big corporations and special interest groups and brought in big businesses who in the promises of “economic development” and “job creation” have recieved huge tax subsides in the backs of our local taxpayers, bring in their own people, pay our workers meager wages, made small businesses struggle just to stay afloat and in his thirty-two year reign, our opponent and the political class, have made a district with the hardest working people the poorest in the country.

For Arturo, the issues affecting his loved ones and all Texans are real and should not be condensed into empty campaign promises our cheap talking points. Growing up in Section 8 housing, the son of Mexican immigrants who worked hard and could not make ends meet, and seeing a generation of my close friends and family torn apart by unemployed mass debt, mental depression, poor wages, and suicide, the time to act is now.


Our Campaign! 


Our campaign is about love, taking ownership of our lives and community, and doing the work many have neglected and failed to do.

We are running a one-hundred percent grassroots campaign, taking zero dollars from Super PACs and special interest groups, using zero politiqueros, and capping ourselves to only raising and spending $60,000 to be able to prove to our friends and neighbors that if you work hard, pray, raise money, knock on doors, and bring people together you don’t have to be rich or ‘have a last name’ to run, win, and have the privilege of serving your community.

We are not making any campaign promise, but we will say this,

“No one will out work us! And if we raise $60,000, knock on over 200,000 doors, and work tirelessly before and after March 6th we will hit every line-item in our platform and make a stronger and more inclusive South Texas a reality”. 

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Knock on doors and make calls!